martes, 23 de diciembre de 2008

So Tired ( Tan cansado) Ozzy Osborne

Éste es uno de los temas que más adoro de Ozzy, tuvo un significado especial en mi vida y cuando repaso la letra, comprendo que es más que eso; pues es mi vida. Pueden encontrar algo de la letra en esta blog hermoso :

So Tired
Time has come to say goodbye
I know it's gonna make you cry
But you belong to another my love
And half a love that just isn't enough

I am so tired
And I just can't wait around for you
I am so tired
And I always thought we would see it through

I've waited all this time for you
Believed your promises were true
I keep believing that you mean what you say
You'll leave tomorrow, now tomorrow's today

And I often sit and wonder why
You're not with me tonight
I stayed at home remaining true
While you were out with you know who.

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